Enver Yücel Has Made a Call To The Members Of The US Congress

Enver Yücel Has Made a Call To The Members Of The US Congress

Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions Board of Directors Chairman Enver Yücel has made a call to the members of the US Congress: “It is not a choice, it is human duty to help Syrian refugees.”

The Washington-based BAU International University, part of the body of BAU Global, attended an important meeting at the US Congress. At the session titled “Saving the Future: Educational Programs for Syrian Refugees and Secure Areas,” specially prepared educational programs for Syrian children and adults who have been separated from their homes were opened to debate.

At the meeting, which saw great interest from members and employees of the US Congress as well as media organizations, the President of BAU International Washington DC University Sinem Vatanartıran explained the projects and work of the Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions for Syrian refugees on a local and global scale. Vatanartıran, who introduced the comprehensive education programs prepared by BAU Global family for Syrian refugees, requested support from the US Congress for the programs prepared under three main headings: “Integration of Syrian children into local education system at schools, education of teachers, and adult education”. Vatanartıran, who emphasized that BAU Global has allocated $3.2 million to Syrian refugees up to today, stated “We are expecting support from the international community, especially the US Congress, beyond our own resources in order to bring these projects to life. We can not allow Syrian children to be a lost generation.”

Speaking at the meeting, Walid Phares, the vice-president of BAU International University and foreign policy adviser to US President Donald Trump during the election campaign, pointed out the political uncertainty in Syria and that the international community should seriously consider establishing secure regions in Syria as soon as possible. Explaining that the refugee crisis is not just a problem for Syria and neighboring countries, Phares warned that depriving hundreds of thousands of children from education could lead to serious security problems both in the region and globally in the medium and long term.

Enver Yücel, Chairman of the Board of Education of the Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions who spoke last at the special session of the US Congress, explained that as the biggest educational group in Europe, they have been trying to protect the education of Syrian children since the beginning of the war. Yucel, who stated that they have given scholarships to thousands of Syrian students of all ages up to today, added that “It is not a choice, it is human duty to help Syrian refugees.” Enver Yücel, who underlined that they are expecting support from the members of the US Congress in order to bring wide range of projects they have prepared to life, invited Congressmen and women who participated in the meeting to see the situation of the Syrian asylum seeker children for themselves.

Enver Yücel held a closed meeting with the Co-president of the Turkish Friendship Group and one of the leading Republican Congressmen Pete Sessions after the meeting.