Academic Center

BAU Global Cologne


BAU Cologne was established in Cologne, April 2014, a city which is famous around the world in the fields of arts and education.

Having such an educational center in Cologne – which is one of the most important places in the world of education and science, offers the possibility to bring Cologne’s knowledge to Istanbul, and everyone else where BAU Global exists.

Program and Announcements


Services offered by BAU Cologne are listed as follows:

– University preparation courses
– Computers and contemporary communication techniques
– Practice classes supporting courses
– Pre-school courses
– Language courses

City Life


Cologne has a population of approximately one million people and is the cultural and economic center of Rheinland.

International Fair brings a large number of tourists and students studying in the University of Cologne and many others all over the world to the city.

The Cologne Carnival which is described as the fifth season, the fireworks show held in Rhein, Christopher Street Day, and numerous attractive events such as music and theater festivals attract people here all year round.

The city’s most spectacular sights and one of its symbols without a doubt, is The Cologne Cathedral. It was coined as a world heritage site in 1996 and will remain as one.

The Cologne Cathedral was founded by the Romans and has a history of more than 2000 years. The well-preserved remains of the old city can be observed all over the city.

The city is home to the largest radio and television broadcasters of Germany, as well as numerous private television channels, film and television production companies.

Major companies such as Ford, Bayer and Microsoft are based in this region.

In the Cologne Trade Fair every year, visitors have the opportunity to visit important international fairs such as Art Cologne.
A portion of the park is located directly on the Rhine and large green areas offer various opportunities to relax or take a part in sporting activities.

Romantic Rhine with its castles and fortresses is not far away and invites you on a boat tour.

A trip to Mosel can also be combined with a wine tasting trip.

Weekend trips to Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam are quite easy to plan since they are all close to Cologne.