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Hong Kong’s core values are in line with those of BAU Global. Both of them share the idea of achieving international standards.

While BAU Global aspires to educate leading workforce and make contributions to the world, Hong Kong is progressing to further develop itself as an international financial center. The stock and debenture markets are flourishing continually and attracting capital inflows from other countries.

Moreover, the city is a gateway to China, the second-largest economy in the world. Since the handover in 1997, the city has been maintaining close relationship with the mainland China through economiccooperation and cultural exchanges.

To understand China better, it is important to be familiar with the happenings of Hong Kong,a special administrative region of China. Hong Kong prides itself on business opportunities and economic benefits brought by China in recent years.
With asound legal system and a pool of talents in different fields, Hong Kong is strengthening its role as a leading financial trade center in the world.

Also, Hong Kong is a place for aspiring fashion designers to pursue their dreams. They set up their studios and production lines here as the starting point for their career. They are supported by the Hong Kong government which has launched several schemes to sponsor creative industries.

The Hong Kong Campus aims to create aunique learning environment for BAU Global students around the world. Itoffers a variety of courses to international students who want to develop a global vision and experience multiculturalism. They would also get an opportunity to know how tradition and modernity shape this cosmopolitan city.By studying here, students can develop leadership thinking skills and critical judgment abilities. They are encouraged to participate in COOP programs and student exchanges to broaden their horizons in new workplace environments, or cultural backgrounds.

The campus has always been eager to facilitate academic collaboration with mainland tertiary institutions. With a number of Chinese-based multinational companies emerging in the recent decade, it forges partnership with the institutions to co-organize leadership training courses and entrepreneurship engagement seminars. It provides BAU Global students opportunities to have a comprehensive understanding of the business environment and culture of this great country through site visits to China and attending workshops. It also offers them a greater and direct exposure to the widely spoken Chinese language, Mandarin.

Program and Announcements


Located in Admiralty, one of the most prosperous districts in Hong Kong, the campus has a high proximity to the central business district Central and the government offices. By studying here, students can acquire the most updated information about the development of Hong Kong as an international financial hub through internshipprogrammes in the city’s top financial institutions.

Situated in the center of the city, the Hong Kong campus is located very strategically. It enjoys proximity to some famous landmarks of Hong Kong such as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Legislative Council Building.

The Hong Kong campus is easily accessible by a range of transportation means.It takes about ten minutes by walk to reach the campus from the Admiralty MTR Station. Students may get to the campus by bus, taxi and tram.In addition to transportation convenience, the surroundings of the campusare worth exploring.Being a former colony of Britain, Hong Kong enjoys a rich historical background. This can be reflected by the co-existence of beautiful old buildings and modern skyscrapers. Students will wonder when they see the harmony of historic buildings and modern architecture.

City Life


Students will stay at the PolyU Student Halls of Residence while being in Hong Kong. The Hall is located in Hung Hom, which is the transportation center of the city. Students can get to the hall by walking around ten minutes from Hung Hom Station. On the other hand, they can arrive at the Hong Kong campus within half an hour by taking MTR from Hung Hom Station.

If students would like to go shopping and explore more about Hong Kong, they may visit TsimShaTsui and Causeway Bay by MTR. Department stores and flagship stores are ubiquitous there. Moreover, the politeness of Hong Kong salespersons adds joy to the shopping experience.

If students want to look for something special, they may head to MongKok and Temple Street Market where they can buy quality goods at attractive prices. They may also show their bargaining skills to the local vendors to pay the best price for the goods. The above two places are highly accessible by MTR and bus from Hung Hom.
Besides, the hall is surrounded by restaurants serving a rich variety of food, ranging from local Cantonese dishes to western standard cuisines. Students will find Hung Hom is a perfect district to dine at any time, as some restaurants are open till 3.a.m.

Hong Kong Art Festival

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is the long-awaited cultural highlight of the city. It presents a variety of drama, dance performances, musicals and concerts. Audience is expected to see a new generation of talents in arts every year.

Hong Kong Book Fair

Hong Kong people are book lovers. Every year, the Hong Kong Book Fair is held in July to promote reading culture, introduce local and international writers and encourage interaction between author and readers. This is certainly an event not be missed, especially for students and book loves.

Hong Kong Sevens (Rugby)

The Hong Kong Sevens is an internationally popular rugby event held in March in Hong Kong. Teams and their fans from different countries will come to the city to participate in the three-day match. Joy and excitement from Hong Kong Stadium turns the city celebrating one of its most famous sports events in a year.

Hongkongers are fun-loving people. They like to hang out with friends after work at night.LanKwai Fong is the perfect place for them. It is also a great place to meet new friends andexperience the nightlife of Hong Kong. Numerous restaurants and bars there promise a wonderful dining environment and delicate cuisines to diners. Both Hongkongers and foreigners enjoy the enthusiastic atmosphere very much. In fact, LanKwai Fong always hosts celebrations in several occasions such as Christmas and Halloween, enhancing the festivities of the city.