Message from the President

Message from the President


Inquisitive thinking, hard work, and a multitude of academic perspectives have been timeless principles vital to providing students with a successful education. In our 15-year history, we have strived to make these criteria an essential part of our university’s philosophy and curriculum.

Having recognized the importance of being a global citizen, we have institutionalized our international programs and partnerships and today we encourage our students to study at least one of their semesters abroad. BAU students are also able to explore their areas of study in any of our global centers and campuses. Through our academic partnerships with universities and foundations worldwide, BAU students are exposed to and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for today’s increasingly multinational and multicultural business world fulfilling the needs of both the global and domestic workplace. With the support of our talented and devoted faculty members, who have dedicated themselves to their students’ educational success, and our world-class curriculum that combines classroom education with relevant extracurricular activities and internship opportunities, students at BAU are uniquely prepared for their future careers.

I hereby invite you to join the BAU family to achieve your goals of being a global citizen and explore the endless opportunities that BAU has to offer.

Enver Yücel