Real English Education is Now in Turkey

Real English Education is Now in Turkey

Mentora Language Schools, which is a member of BAU Global, a world brand with its 46 years of experience in international education, is now in Turkey with its qualified and experienced academicians after Washington DC, Toronto and Berlin. Mentora Language Schools, which is the first Turkish language school in USA with its center in Washington DC, is preparing to announce its language school branches to be opened in Turkey with the launching to be realized in Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus.

Bahcesehir & Ugur Eğitim Kurumlari, which has been advancing for being a world brand in education in Turkey and abroad, is preparing to open branches of Mentora Language Schools, BAU Global Member with its center in Washington DC, in Turkey with its new investors. After Mentora Fethiye which leads the educational tourism in Turkey, Mentora which is excited to open 9 branches as of September 16th, targets to give service on 50 points in the first quarter of the year 2018 in light of its 5-month plans.

Differentiating with its strong infrastructure and educational system, Mentora College gives service with its education model covering 15-days accommodation, language education and social activities with its “Summer Schools” system in addition to the academic modelling in its centers giving language education with exam preparation educations and American equations. The language company, which targets to increase its service points with Franchise system, opens new ways in education for the international and local investors.

‘’We provide not only language education, but also individual value gain.’’

“Intensive English Language Education Program” is given in all levels of classes from beginning to advanced levels in Mentora. In addition, the education center, giving service in the fields of business English, legal English, preparation programs (TOEFL, iBT, GMAT, SAT, GRE etc.) and certificate programs, serves with its own language education publications and systems that follow continuous development with the main academic disciplines.

Mentora Language Schools, based on communication, high quality and personalization, gives academic perfection commitment for further developing the level needed in the globalization age with 4 main abilities such as listening, speaking, understanding and writing. Mentora, which targets to give focused, stimulating and incentive learning experiences with the teachers whose main language is English, realizes all principles for you to live a real America experience in your city. In addition to modern technical infrastructure classes, it provides experiences that are almost real with expression, interpretation and speaking abilities of the students with special simulation systems that are a first.

“Real English Education based on Needs”

Mentora Team, which emphasizes that correct and effective education system is only possible with variety and personalized lesson plans in addition to its highly qualified teachers, advanced technology facilities and academic staff, has heralded that they will give real English education to the disabled youth with special classes.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Bahcesehir & Ugur Eğitim Kurumlari, Enver Yucel, who stated that they target to equip the students with foreign language education, general cultural information and high level of social activities, has mentioned that they are devoted to “learning” which is a continuously developing industry to contribute to wisdom, compassion and leadership in globalizing societies and to improve the creative intelligence and ethical spirits of the students. Mentora College Turkey Franchise Coordinators and Investors Essum Saatci Aslan and Emel Ozmal have mentioned that their target in this journey is to provide increase of individuals’ knowledge, actions and self abilities in addition to giving foreign language education in international standards. Aslan and Ozmal who mentioned that they want to give a life experience in addition to the language experience to their students with the education systems that are not present in similar language schools or courses have stated that they adopted the highest academic perfections for growing up individuals who know and use real ‘English’ with improved social aspects and self-expression abilities within BAU Global.


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