2017-2018 Spring Semester Courses (Berlin) (Law)

Program Information
  • Location Berlin International University of Applied Sciences
  • Period Spring
  • Deadline 11 Jan 2018
2017-2018 Spring Semester Courses (Berlin) (Law)


Code Name Credit ECTS
LAW1132 Civil Law II 3 7
LAW2032 General Provisions of Criminal Law II 3 4
LAW2062 International Public Law II 2 3
LAW2102 Administrative Law II 2 3
LAW2132 General Provisions of Obligation Law II 3 4
LAW2202 Philosophy and Sociology of Law 1 2
LAW2331 Introduction to Comparative Law 1 4
HST1002 Atatürk`s Principles and History of Turkish Republic II
TLL1004 Turkish Language and Literature II
GEP0206 Virtual Discovery of İstanbul
GEP0607 Ethics
GEP1005 History of Civilization I
GEP1006 History of Civilization II
GEP0205 Unfolding the Layers of Berlin 3 4
GEP0405 German I 3 5