BAU International University – Batumi


BAU International University Batumi is an institution designed to enrich the higher education landscape in Georgia. While being the newest member of the BAU Global family, BAU Batumi offers its students high level higher educational services in the field of Medicine. Our professional lecturers, modernfacility, latest technologies and the proven educational program will help our students to reach the goals of their lives.

Academic Life

bau batumi academic life


The Academic life in BAU Batumi promises adventures into the medical education. Our one-cycle educational program will make sure students get all the aspects about the material and get their high level education.In the course of their theoretical education, students as well will have practices in the multifunctional university clinic, placed in the same building.

University Life


Batumi is a summer resort and one of the famous touristic destinations in the Caucasus region. While being on the border of Turkey, Batumi is on the edge of two cultures, which make its multi cultural and multinational city, famous with its hospitality.Our international office deals with the accommodation services, so the university makes sure that the students get a place to live in Batumi upon arrival without having to deal with a stress of apartment searching. There will be different variations of accommodations offered to the students, who can choose the best that suits them.

City Life


Batumi is a city placed on the shore of the Black sea and near the Turkish Border. While being one of the main touristic destinations for the Caucasus region, Batumi is a multinational and multi cultural city, famous with its hospitality. Students will be amazed with the subtropical climate, stunning landscapes, parks and squares, seaside and a nightlife. Batumi offers lots of intellectual, sports and entertainment atmosphere.