PALS Global aims to train lawyers in the most excellent way by collaborating with international institutions.

PALS Global, as the legal unit of BAU Global universities, carries out the legal projects of the relevant universities. Bahçeşehir University, Bay Atlantic University, Berlin International, BAU International University Batumi and Bahçeşehir Cyprus University enrich their educational content through projects designed by PALS Global in the field of law. For example, architecture students at Berlin International can develop their skills in zoning law, while finance students at Bay Atlantic University develop their skills in economic law. In this context, PALS Global organizes events with the participation of BAU Global universities.

One of the most important goals of PALS Global is to create content and activities that will provide Turkish lawyers who will work abroad as lawyers, arbitrators or consultants with the skills to argue or defend before a foreign court in English.

PALS Global derives its effectiveness in law from the Advanced Legal Studies founded by Feridun Yenisey, which has been providing in-house training to lawyers for more than 20 years.


Feridun Yenisey (Member of Board of Trustees)

Ebubekir Çoltu (Member of the Board)

Aydın Atılgan (Member of the Board)

Sean Cox (Member of the Board)

Peter Mantel (Member of the Board)

Girayhan Yılmaz (Member of the Board)

Matthew Williams (Member of Advisory Board)

John Sonsteng (Member of Advisory Board)

Stephen W. Mazza (Member of Advisory Board)

Stephen Ware (Member of Advisory Board)

Köksal Bayraktar (Member of Advisory Board)

Berra Besler (Member of Advisory Board)

Fahrettin Demirağ (Member of Advisory Board)

Durmuş Tezcan (Member of Advisory Board)

Phyllis Cox (PALS Professor)

Rifat Çulha (PALS Professor)

Steve Fury (PALS Professor)

Vehbi Kahveci (PALS Professor)

Mustafa Kaplan (PALS Professor)

Naim Karakaya (PALS Professor)

Tuğçe Duygu Köksal (PALS Professor)

Ayşe Nuhoğlu (PALS Professor)

Salih Oktar (PALS Professor)

Rick Petry (PALS Professor)

Margaret Phillips (PALS Professor)

Julie Spector (PALS Professor)

Bharti Yadav (PALS Professor)

Hasan Can Bekci (Coordinator)

Deniz Demirel (Librarian Specialist)

Mertkan Torun (Chief Assistant)

Buse Yalauç (Executive Assistant)