About President

President of the BAU Global Mr. Enver Yücel, who devoted his entire life to education, is the founder of Bahçeşehir University, Bay Atlantic University, Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, BAU International University Batumi, Bahcesehir Cyprus University, Bahçeşehir College, Bahçeşehir High School for Science and Technology, Uğur Schools and Mentora Language Schools and enables MLA College to join the BAU Global education network.


2012, United Nations UNCA “Contribution to Global Education” Award to Enver Yücel

”UNCA AWARDS“, which was held under the auspices of the United Nations and awarded the UN activities throughout the year, was presented with a ceremony held in New York and for the first time a Turkish educator, Enver Yücel received this award. Enver Yücel received his award from Ban Ki-moon.

2008, Turkish Grand National Assembly “Outstanding Service Award”

Enver Yücel was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2008, due to his works and achievements in the fields of education and culture. 2012, Award for Excellence in International Education Enver Yücel was awarded the Excellence in International Education Award by the Association of International American Educators due to his success in the design and implementation of innovative and personal education programs and his contributions to education.

2017 – 2018, 500 Major Exporters of Turkey Award

Within the scope of “Turkey’s 500 Largest Exporter of Services” research, Enver Yücel received the biggest export award in the field of education at the awards ceremony organized by the Turkey Exporters Assembly. 2017, Leadership in Global Education Award BAU Global President Enver Yücel was honored to the Leadership in Global Education Award at the ceremony organized by Global Education and Research Center GLOCER which is located in Florida, United States of America.

2017, Educator of the Year Award

Social Peace theme award ceremony was held with the contributions of Erzincan Provincial Culture Directorate. The most prominent names in the world of art, politics and education were awarded and the Educator of the Year Award was presented to Enver Yücel.

2018, The Certificate of Achievement of Mongolia Cultural Envoy

The Certificate of Achievement of Mongolia Cultural Envoy was presented to Enver Yücel by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, Tsogtbaatar Damdin.

Enver Yücel’s Message

Inquisitive thinking, hard work, and a multitude of academic perspectives have been timeless principles vital to providing students with a successful education. In our 21-year history we have strived to make these criteria an essential part of our global network’s philosophy and curriculum. Having recognized the importance of being a global citizen, we have institutionalized our international programs and partnerships and today we encourage our students to study at least one of their semesters abroad through BAU network affiliates or at partners of these affiliates. Through our academic partnerships with universities, research centers, think tanks, and foundations worldwide, BAU students are exposed to and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for today’s increasingly multinational and multicultural business world fulfilling the needs of both the global and domestic workplace. With the support of our talented and devoted faculty members, who have dedicated themselves to their students’ educational success, and our world-class curriculum that combines classroom education with relevant extracurricular activities, internship opportunities, and best practices in the field, students at BAU Global are uniquely prepared for their future careers. I hereby invite you to join the BAU Global family to achieve your goals of being a global citizen and explore the endless opportunities that BAU Global has to offer.