BAU GO is a digital learning platform where universities, educators and educational institutions produce and publish educational content. The platform interacts with the student target audience through its own tools and algorithms, enabling them to achieve educational gains and creates a learning map in this direction.

The education videos in the platform are systematically prepared for achievements and include learning systematics. The videos creatively supported are prepared within the framework of distance learning theories.

The education content partners and all institutions in the system can upload their videos to the system and reach to their target audience.

In order to achieve the right learning, the platform provides continuous feedback to its target audience and ensures that learning is sustainable.

BAU GO digital education platform is an enriched learning platform where students studying in all educational institutions in the BAU Global Education Network can receive education by registering for classes.

In addition to this, it enables our esteemed faculty members to open courses and bring their knowledge to the unlimited online world.

In this multi-source platform within the wide pool of course contents and course materials prepared by our faculty members, our students can create a special content by mixing the course materials according to their own learning skills.

Based on the same feature, our valuable faculty members can compile the course materials in the pool according to the needs of their students and create original content portfolio according to the target criteria.

With the learning algorithms in BAU GO, it is ensured that the achievements of the learner target audience develop correctly. Learning systematics is created with creatively supported educational videos by becoming independent of time and space according to digital learning theories.


• Educates you as a citizen of the world.

• Offers the opportunity to take courses from the world’s leading academics who teach at the BAU Global Education Network.

• A personalized learning process is created that is specific to the student’s learning style.

• Provides the opportunity to get time and space independent education through the education videos and interactive learning environments prepared by expert instructors.

• Provides the advantage of being a student and a graduate of BAU Global, a leading education institution in the world.

• Is the face of BAU education in the digital world.

• Aims to provide the content produced by all academics of the BAU Global Education Network to the students who want to benefit from these contents within the flexibility of space and time.

• In this context, offers lifelong learning programs, not just formal education.

• Creates opportunities for students from different cultures to receive education together and to meet new cultures.