Chancellor’s Message


The BAU Global Education Network, a pioneer on the world stage, comprises distinguished higher education institutions established one after another in a continually progressing enterprise, each with unique attributes and significant contributions to academic education.

The purpose of this network is to facilitate collaboration between its institutions and affiliates, empower them to build business models that elevate their regional and global standings, take steps to achieve their goals, and aid in the development of strategies for future endeavors. This network brings together different cultures from all over the world.

The underlying vision of the BAU Global Education Network is to be tolerant of cultural differences on an international scale, prioritize ethical values above all else in its relationships and the execution of its undertakings, and maintain transparency, fairness, integrity, and responsibility as it strives for perfection in all its endeavors.

As the BAU Global Education Network in this ever-changing globalized world, we are determined and committed to continuing our work to grow and reach our goals.

With respect,

Prof. Esra Hatipoğlu

BAU Global Chancellor