Global Policy Institute



The Global Policy Institute (GPI) is an independent, non-partisan research institution headquartered in Washington, D.C. focusing on global affairs, economics, energy and education. GPI works closely with Bay Atlantic University.

Through its international network of affiliated scholars, GPI conducts research and analysis, develops realistic policy solutions, organizes events and endeavors to unite political and business leaders in an ongoing effort aimed at addressing global issues in a constructive way.


The Institute’s Vision

To become a leading research center on domestic and global policy choices facing decision makers in politics, business, and other relevant fields. Serve as a resource for government officials, business professionals, journalists, academics, students, and other interested citizens seeking to understand the complexities of today’s world.


The Institute’s Mission

Our mission is to increase the understanding of global events, domestic and international policies in the fields of Energy, Education, Economy, and Immigration, as well as other relevant areas of focus. Facilitate the ability of world leaders to meet complex global challenges through up-to-date analysis of current issues. Create a platform for constructive engagement on domestic and international issues by convening decision makers in politics and business to solve problems and provide recommendations.