Uğur Schools, Turkey


Equipped with the human values from pre-school age; Uğur Schools aim to raise generations who is questioning, researching and producing; for the preparation of the university education, Uğur Schools design models and programs suitable for today and the future, continue to race at full speed that has started within the institution.

Based on the proven principles and models; Uğur Exam Preparation Center helps its students to achieve success in national and international exams with the Personalized Solution-Oriented and Proactive Guidance, ASDF, Coding, Information and Communication Technologies, earlySTEM and STEM education approaches.

Uğur Schools are updating its 50 years of success with global education methods. By providing education on every corner of Turkey with its 137 schools, 51 campuses and more than 75 thousand students, Uğur schools make students’ dreams come true.