Uğur Schools, Turkey

Education Units

0 - 6 age range which is defined as pre-school period, is the period that forms the basis of life where children complete 80% of their cognitive skills and emotional developments. At the stage where the learning speed is very high, Uğur Schools supports the physical, cognitive, emotional, sociocultural, language and psychomotor development of the children. With the training provided, student-centered approach is adopted and enables to the students expressing and performing their selves correctly, taking the initiative spontaneously and gaining internal supervision. The students are provided with the necessary skills for primary school and guided to make their learnings become useful.

In Uğur Schools, we aim to develop students’ artistic skills along with their analytical and creative thinking skills. Scientific teachings which includes the age level associate with life. The academic and social development of each student is closely monitored and as a result, success of the student is ensured.

In Uğur Schools, the English language skills of 5th grade students are developed by taking foreign language education in a creative and interactive environment. Levels of 6th grade students are determined and project-based analytical thinking enables them to develop their creativity skills. At the 7th and 8th grade, the “Preparation Program for the High School Examination” with ASDF support is applied for getting prepared for the national exams.

Preparatory test centers which is opened at the Uğur Schools campuses offer effective career planning support while provide test preparation support from 9th grade to all students, both inside and outside of the school. Via the centers which is provided service with the personalized mentors of Uğur, students can be prepared for the Turkish universities along with the world universities.

Education Models

With Uğur International's overseas university programs, summer schools, overseas / domestic trips and U-Xchange high school exchange programs, students get the chance to study in many countries from all around the world, including overseas universities in the BAU Global education network.

With the basic coding skills gained in pre-primary and elementary school, students from the middle school to high school, they are not only the users who taking advantage of the codes, also supported for being a manufacturer of innovations of the world by coding.

Foreign language achievement is applied at pre-primary and primary school levels and students are getting educated in order to “learning English by living” basis. At secondary school and high school, project-based foreign language education aims to increase students' cognitive and communicative skills.

A specific work plan is prepared according to the student's preferences and targets, online education platform, regular feedback and efficient guidance service are supported examination preparation process and make students reach their goals step by step. The student's academic and social development is stored at the e-Portfolio.

With the BAUSTEM support, “earlySTEM education approach" is applied to pre-school and primary school level for the first time in Turkey. Students are aimed at solving knowledge-based life problems with an interdisciplinary education approach. With the STEM education applied at the secondary and high school levels, students get 21st century skills such as critical thinking and creativity.

With the personalized solution-oriented and proactive guidance, which is brought to life for the first time in Turkey by Uğur Schools, each student is monitored by the expert psychological counselors.

The ASDF Education Model offers an education and academic standards that students and parents would dream of. Students are ensured to learn by experiencing and making cultural and social sharing in a natural environment.

The main purpose of the Information and Communication Technologies course is teaching the logic of algorithms, problem solving, creative thinking, gaining collaborative working skills, informational and algorithmic thinking to the students.
Information and Communication Technologies course prepared by Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Educational Sciences was implemented by Uğur Schools Education Technologies unit.