30 May 2019

Fashion & Luxury Brands Design

This program has been designed with the aim to prepare designers, managers and entrepreneurs who want to understand the critical success factors of the fields of excellence of the Made in Italy brand, such as fashion and design.

With this Program you will learn how to design Fashion and Luxury brands with an Italian mindset and by focusing on the following principles :

-LESS IS MORE. New luxury&fashion products need to be intuitive, with frills kept to a minimum

– IDENTITY. Consumers want luxury&fashion brands to have a point of view and feel they offer tailor-made products, experiences and scalable platforms that empower future users not just to consume goods, but to find solutions to their problems

-FOCUS ON SERVICE. People want max aestethics coupled with functionality and perceive that design is not just to make them buy, but to actually improve their overall experience

-WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN. Many luxury&fashion brands are recuperating their heritage and classic designs using faded labels, script lettering, shapes and materials that give off “vintage vibes”

-DESIGN FROM WITHIN. People are growingly aware that by buying what you offer, they are endorsing and participating of the success of your brand, so want to know everything about it, sources, materials, values, mission and vision of the founders, management practices, focus on the environment.