28 Aug 2019

Italian Cuisine & Food Design

This full immersion Certificate Program has been developed in collaboration with Campus Citta’ del Sapere and aims to suit a variety of interests in the food and catering sector …  from Amateurs to restaurant managers, brand designers & food bloggers interested to experience the most critical success factors of the Italian food industry: 

1) the family structure of the majority of Italian companies active in this sector, which plays a crucial role in terms of corporate identity, business development and mainstream perception of Italian culinary traditions  

2) the importance of the place of origin, local and artisanal ingredients, home recipes and slow consumption in defining food quality and identity in Italy,

3) the peculiarity of our food culture which relies on raw materials and lack of formality more than on elaborate preparation and etiquette.

Principles of Food Design will be illustrated throughout the program with focus on specific cases of: label and packaging design; food with shapes, taste or nutritional factors aimed to target specific markets or customer niches; food experiences and interiors designed with the aim to enhance customers’ relationship with the local territory, producers, retailers, chefs and restaurateurs.