Bahçeşehir College, Turkey

Education Units

While planning early childhood education in Bahceşehir College, the priority is developing children's curiosity, increasing their motivation for learning and instilling the excitement of learning.

In the primary school education, an education program has been designed in order to educate individuals with all the skills required by the 21st century. Students are able to maximize their academic achievements through the educational models which set an example for the world like Personal Training Model, Digital Education, STEM + A Training, Cognitive Thinking Education.

With the Bahçeşehir College's continuously updated Secondary Education, students remove all obstacles to academic achievement and achieve significant success in national examinations.

Bahçeşehir College brings project-based, foreign language education-oriented, Stem-oriented education concept to the high school education. Students of Bahçeşehir College who have implemented their projects in Stem Center, prepared life with the high values of Master 6, perfected their English skills through the international assessment and quantification auditing, developed their visions by participating in international education programs; take the advantage of starting a life by being creative and contemporary individuals throughout their lives.

Education Models

Stem education includes using different disciplines together, preparing projects, and turning these projects into production. Students who develop mathematical thinking skills also increase their capacities in science.

Bahçeşehir Schools who lead bilingual education in Turkey, starting from the kindergarten aim to provide native language skills in English.

Students learn to use digital tools effectively while at the same At the same time, they work on problem solving and analytical thinking.

Individual differences in learning styles of the students are defined and the learning process is structured by taking these differences into account.

The main goal of the Master Potential Education is to explore the superior students in Bahçeşehir Schools with scientific diagnostic methods and educate them as individuals who are equipped with 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication and also taking into account their individual differences such as interest, ability, cognitive and social development.