Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Associate School

The vision of the Computer Programming Associate Program is to train self-confident computer programmers that respect universal values and who have the necessary programmatic competencies. With the rapid developments in the information and internet technologies all over the world, the need for programming increases every day. In this context, Computer Programming Associate Program has been designed to provide a top-quality education and to prepare students to take an effective role in the informatics world right after graduation.

Business Management Associate Program aims to train qualified employees for a wide range of compaines that conduct business on different scales. The vision of the program is to have graduates that respect the universal values, who have the responsibility for management and leadership, and who can play an effective role in the competitive global world right after their graduation. The graduates can work for the public bodies, as well as the private sector.

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University Civil Aviation and Cabin Services Associate Degree Program aims to train highly qualified personnel who can keep up with the aviation sector, keep flight safety at the highest level, focus on customer satisfaction, have effective communication skills, solution-oriented, and can cope with the problems they face.

First and Emergency Assistance Program aspires to train technicians who can work in emergency ambulance, patient transport ambulance, air (helicopter and aircraft) and marine ambulances, other emergency vehicles, all services that offer emergency health service such as hospital, polyclinic etc., constantly update their knowledge and skills in line with the developments in Medicine.

Anesthesia is known as an important field in the surgical sciences. The objective of the anesthesia department is to train students for helping anesthetists, preparing the environment, using anesthesia equipment, working in the operating room, reanimation department, emergency department, and ambulance, and following innovations in medical practices in anesthesia.

In the practical and supportive learning environment the program provides, a team of internationally experienced lecturers and professors encourage students to explore their individual talents and build their own professional path. The first two years include courses from basic sciences. In the following years, they continue with advanced engineering courses such as manufacturing technology, production system and operations research.

Undergraduate Programs

The Architecture program of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, aims to offer students an academic environment of communication, freedom and access to knowledge, providing a medium where they could acquire the equipment, experience, ability and skills to produce an architecture that is contemporary, universal and responsive to basic concerns and issues such as human requirements, construction, arts and natural /physical environment.

Civil engineering is arguably one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural built environment, including buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and canals. It is a wide ranging profession, including different sub-disciplines, structural engineering, materials science, geotechnical engineering, water resources, surveying, and transportation engineering.

In Computer Engineering program we aim to train engineers with ethical and social awareness, who have the ability and knowledge to solve problems in the light of the basic concepts of mathematics, science, and engineering sciences. The vision of Computer Engineering Program is to be a department that brings innovative approaches based on universal values in the national and international field.

In general terms, the field of Management Information Systems, aims to enable its students to break into the markets where the global competition continues under the shadow of technology, as qualified individuals. Management Information Systems program, with its wide range of academic curricula and programs -and primarily based on university missions- aims to educate students to use their knowledge and skills in academic and industrial fields.

Banking and Finance Undergraduate Program is a department that has the vision of raising the specialists who are able to find financial resources under the most favorable conditions, and use them in the most efficient and effective way while bringing their projects into action.

Graduates of department of psychology may work in private and public bodies and institutions who offers psychological consultancy and therapy, hospitals and consultancy centers; several education institutions and related department of private companies; as well as fields such as personnel employment, allocation, assessment, training and personnel and public communication areas. They may also be employed in advertisement, public relations, sales and marketing, media, market researches and similar fields. Kindergartens, day-care centers, schools, neurology and rehabilitation centers, research institutions administrative and research staff in specific ministries (i.e., Ministry of Health Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Justice etc.) employs graduates of department of psychology in various positions.

The main purpose of university education is to improve students’ skills in problem solving and critical thinking. Bahçeşehir Cyprus University has the aim of providing the students with global education, and a wide range of elective courses which enable them to cope with not only with small-sized and local companies’ issues, but also with large-scale international companies’ problems.

Political Science and International Relations cover a large variety of diverse areas such as: how states, organizations, and institutions interact at state and international levels; channels of communication and networks that have evolved through the process of globalization; the foreign policies of states; democratization processes; political parties and electoral systems; state structures; national and international security; and the impacts on societies during these processes.

The educational sciences consist of the theoretical foundations of education in addition to their applications in current topics related to education. A number of sub-disciplines are incorporated under the heading of educational sciences, including learning psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, assessment and evaluation methods, classroom management, curriculum planning, and specifications of educational policies.

This degree will prepare you to work in a wide range of educational settings, such as government departments, community and voluntary organisations, social services, policy and research settings. You could also work in youth organisations, libraries, museums, education publishers, and a host of other organisations where professional development and education is practised.

The Faculty of Law offers the following fields of specialty in addition to required, elective, and applied courses which relate to public law and private law in order to effectively prepare students for their professional life:
1.International Arbitrary - International Criminal Procedure
2.International Commercial Law - Internet Crimes
3.International Human Rights - Sports Law
4.Theory of Rights - Law of Legal Profession
5.Financial Markets and Law - Virtual Law
6.Banking Law - Clinical Courses
7.Competition Law - Legal English
8.Consumer Law

The Software Engineering program aims to train students who are competent in data processing and solving problems in the industry, as well as have basic engineering knowledge. In this context, it aims to produce graduates who can easily adapt to rapid changes and developments in technology and can work at an international level.

Industrial engineering is concerned with the design and improvement of integrated systems of people, materials, information and equipment. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design.

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering program aims to have graduates have basic engineering education as well as lifelong learning and leadership attitudes. In this context, it aims to train students who develop innovations for the benefit of By using up-to-date information and Technologies.

Gastronomy and culinary arts program is an area that covers food, economy, business and many branches of science, including culture, and it is a program that has been in high demand in recent years. Therefore, the courses in the gastronomy and culinary arts curriculum vary and are not only taught in the kitchen. Students studying in the field of gastronomy and culinary arts frequently take courses that include the arts, as well as a wide range of courses, including food, food preservation, food management, occupational health, entrepreneurship, cooking techniques, nutrition and dietetics.

The Department of Social Work is a practice-oriented field that aims to positively contribute to social change and to increase the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. Values such as social justice, responsibility towards the individual and society, respect for diversity and human rights form the basis of the department. Social workers bring individuals and social institutions together to improve welfare.

In the light of science and technology, the students are aiming to be trained as leaders in nursing and health care at universal standards. The main field of interest in nursing is people, family, and society. Humans have a very complex structure; their health and disease states are also complex, so they can do research and apply their results in order to know and understand humans with all their anatomical, physiological, psychological, social, and intellectual dimensions, to be good observers, and to use scientific data (evidence). We provide the skills to use them.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is a 5-year undergraduate program covering theoretical and practical courses. Practical courses, which form the basis of pharmacy education, take place in the laboratories of the faculty of pharmacy. In addition, students have the opportunity to do internships in hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical factories due to the compulsory internship they have to complete during their education.

Graduate Programs

Business Administration master program is designed to provide students with the ability to design, implement and analyze the processes which are required for management functions of the students, and to train graduates who are able to carry out their profession and continue to their studies at higher level programs according to their will.

Political Science and International Relations master program aims to provide students with a solid theoretical and methodological background in the field of global politics and to reach an academic awareness within this framework. The program aims that the students will have the ability to make in-depth analysis of social, political and economic processes and make global system analysis in this direction. The ultimate goal of the program is to train experts in the field of global politics for both the bureaucracy and the private sector.

The aim of BAU Cyprus Computer Engineering Master’s Program is to train researchers who are well-informed about the theoretical and applied knowledge of their field. In addition, it aspires to educate, – researchers, who can follow the developments in this field simultaneously with the rest of the world, who are equipped with the design, development and security of information systems. This new MSC program also aims to equip experts with advanced problem-solving skills who are focused on practice.

The aim of BAU Cyprus Computer Engineering Master’s Program is to train researchers who are well-informed about the theoretical and applied knowledge of their field. In addition, it aspires to educate, – researchers, who can follow the developments in this field simultaneously with the rest of the world, who are equipped with the design, development and security of information systems. This new MSC program also aims to equip experts with advanced problem-solving skills who are focused on practice.

The BAU Cyprus Master’s Programme in International & Comparative Law aims at promoting academic skills of the students on growing interaction between different legal systems and how common perceptions of law emerge in national and international domains. To that end, the program offers a diverse range of courses designed to familiarize students with a variety of methodological perspectives in International & Comparative Law and to examine how legal issues are resolved in various legal systems.

This program aims to provide the students that have undergraduate backgrounds not only of Political Science and Public Administration but also of various disciplines with the ability of studying and doing research on administrative issues such as structure and functions of state organization, administration fact, related to the ‘public’.

The course covers core topics such as blockchain fundamentals, decentralized systems, cryptography, smart contracts and distributed ledger technologies. Students of the program gain knowledge about the basic concepts and operation of blockchain such as consensus methods, data structures and network protocols.

Health Institutions Management Master program at Bahcesehir Cyprus University equip students with the skills to effectively manage healthcare organizations. Our program gives students a well-rounded education in healthcare administration by covering a wide variety of subjects like healthcare policy, finances, strategic planning, and leadership.

In general, the field of Management Information Systems aims to enable students to use their own knowledge and skills in academic and industrial fields, based on the university missions, with a wide range of academic curriculum and program in order to enable them to enter the markets where global competition continues in the shadow of technology as qualified individuals.

The main purpose of the Master’s programs in Architecture is to gain professional working skills in a successful and productive manner, equipped with universal values ​​and contemporary knowledge, developed research and analytical thinking skills, developed interdisciplinary working and research skills, ethical values ​​in professional working life.

The Master’s program in ELT (MA with Thesis) is designed to provide candidates with academic background and thorough training in the theory and practice of English language teaching. MA candidates are required to take 5 courses, a Seminar, and submit a Master’s Thesis in order to complete their MA studies in ELT.