Bahçeşehir University

Undergraduate Programs

Through courses such as programming (C++, Java), multimedia development (Flash, Actionscript), graphic design (Photoshop, Fireworks, Freehand, Illustrator, InDesign), 3d design and modeling (3ds Max) and internet-based application development (Dreamweaver, HTML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, PHP), students gain technical knowledge and skills to develop computer-based applications, and they consolidate this knowledge by developing pedagogical applications in instructional technologies courses. Students, who gain knowledge about operating systems, network topology and management, database, and computer hardware during their education, can work as programmers, web designers or system experts upon graduation.

The Department of English Language Teaching aims to raise teachers who have acquired an advanced level of English proficiency as well as a high level of understanding of the knowledge and skills required for the language education field. Taking into consideration the latest developments in the field, students are provided with a solid foundation in the English language and literacy, methodology, first and second language acquisition, educational sciences and linguistics in order to make them fully qualified teachers of English in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions.

The constant change of society requires technology, education systems and teachers’ training keep up with these changes and developments. The philosophy of BAU Faculty of Educational Sciences Department of Elementary Education is based on Aristotle’s centuries old determination “to comprehend anything you need to learn by doing/experiencing it”.

The educational sciences consist of the theoretical foundations of education in addition to their applications in current topics related to education. A number of sub-disciplines are incorporated under the heading of educational sciences, including learning psychology, psychological counseling and guidance, assessment and evaluation methods, classroom management, curriculum planning, and specifications of educational policies.

The Department of American Culture and Literature was established in 2006 and has a foundation for literary and cultural programs but also offers courses in western literature, culture, art, history etc. that focus on the formation and development of tradition. The study of American culture and literature exposes students to different literatures and cultures while developing critical thinking skills and aims to provide insight.

Bahşeşehir University’s Department of European Union Relations provides the following undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the subject areas of EU institutions, Turkey-EU relations, and the EU armonization and integration process:
*EU Relations Undergraduate Program
*EU Civil Law and Integration Graduate Program
*Administration of EU Relations Graduate Program

Department of Economy conducts research in the field of economics. The subjects of the research mainly includes:
*Turkish Economy
*Economic Theory
The researches which have been conducted on the Turkish economy mainly consist of gathering data, evaluating and arranging raw data, applying data to econometric analysis, and analyzing the acquired data.
The research carried out in the area of economic theory is mainly on these topics:
*Game theory
*Industrial organization
*Theory of Growth
*Monetary economy
*Economic policy
*History of thought

Rapid globalization in recent years, the development of financial markets, and the integration of the world economies, all together enrich the variety of the financial and economic products. These facts give rise to the importance of interpretation of the financial and economic problems and the need to produce accurate solutions to these problems. Department of Economics and Finance will address this need more than each departments' sole efforts, and decorate its graduates with the necessary skills and tools to fill this gap in the field.

The Department of Business Administration trains future administrators who can solve problems, think quickly, adopt to varying circumstances, make swift and sound decisions and apply them, and use their leadership characteristics in a field such as marketing, sales, human resources, or finance.

The purpose of the Logistics Management program is both to promote the importance of the logistics in Turkey, and help national and international companies by providing well prepared professionals as human resource. As a bridge between the East and the West, Turkey becoming a hub for many logistics firms. Therefore, the program has both interdisciplinary and international content. The courses are designed to the needs of the sector, supported by foreign language and computer labs, modern classrooms are performed.

Political Science and International Relations cover a large variety of diverse areas such as: how states, organizations, and institutions interact at state and international levels; channels of communication and networks that have evolved through the process of globalization; the foreign policies of states; democratization processes; political parties and electoral systems; state structures; national and international security; and the impacts on societies during these processes.

The Department of Sociology aims to improve students’ methodological analysis skills. Sociology education at Bahçeşehir University is conducted under a multidisciplinary format, unlike other traditional sociology programs, and aims to emphasize instances where sociology meets anthropology, international relations and history. Courses which improve vital basic skills of the 21st century in areas such as computers and science, information and society, and energy and society are also given.

Department of International Finance has close relationship with universities and professional institutions like. Graduated students can work in banks, intermediary institutions and financial analysis department of companies. They can also work in public institutions like Istanbul Stock Exchange, Capital Markets Board, Central Bank, Undersecretariat of Treasure and international institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD and World Trade Organization.

The Department of International Trade and Business Administration is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of the international business world and be informed citizens.
This knowledge will enable students to manage global business operations more efficiently, conduct business in foreign countries due to their international outlook. Students will be equipped with databases, take more responsibility on an international level, gain required talents to be successful in unfamiliar global environments, discover global market opportunities and increase their company’s globalization process.

Graduates of department of psychology may work in private and public bodies and institutions who offers psychological consultancy and therapy, hospitals and consultancy centers; several education institutions and related department of private companies; as well as fields such as personnel employment, allocation, assessment, training and personnel and public communication areas. They may also be employed in advertisement, public relations, sales and marketing, media, market researches and similar fields. Kindergartens, day-care centers, schools, neurology and rehabilitation centers, research institutions administrative and research staff in specific ministries (i.e., Ministry of Health Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Justice etc.) employs graduates of department of psychology in various positions.

The disciplines of cartoon and animation become popular mediums consumed by large masses both in commercial and artistic terms, within mobile platforms, Internet technologies, advertising, entertainment and education. In Turkey, these disciplines are currently on their way to become proper industries, just like the education and cinema sectors. Both state television and foreign media organizations in our country now demand domestic productions from the Turkish market. Educational institutions, as well, are demanding animated films specially prepared for children and adults. Cartoon and animation have also grown to offer creative venues for advertising. Meeting the sector’s need for qualified human resources in order to achieve expected growth and acceleration will only be possible with the establishment of a number of infrastructures and a well-structured education. Students will meet infrastructure courses during the first year and take their first steps towards specialization in their second year by selecting one of the animation film or visual effect tracks depending on their interests. Students will cross paths again in the project courses, which will turn into film productions, realized together with the teaching staff. Local and foreign internships will be made through the BAU's network to enhance students’ market experience.

The Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program’, which will become a forerunner in Turkey and Istanbul in particular with an approach that joins various disciplines like art, technology and economy under the roof of design, aims to provide qualified human resource to the sector and develop creative, innovative projects and teams in order to achieve both local and global scale success.

Bahçeşehir University’s Public Relations Department aims to educate communication professionals who specialize in all fields of public relations, which is one of the basic functions of modern management, in a variety of areas which include corporate communication and reputation management. Students specialize in various implementations of public relations writing, qualitative and quantitative research techniques, digital communication design, client management and many other topics, in addition to their basic courses. Workshops and project studies improve students’ practical skills. Due to connections with many corporations and foundations, students are able to meet, discuss, and network with important and renowned people in their fields.

Bahçeşehir University’s Advertising Department’s goal is to educate successful communicators in the creative, strategic, and research fields in an integrated format. The Advertising Department aims to demonstrate what advertisement, an important media source which influences the public, is for, why it is useful, how it is processed in various media environments, and how it is created.

The program aims to educate professionals to meet the needs of film and media industries. Graduates work in different positions in the cinema and television sector, as directors (of films, commercials or TV shows), directors of photography, scriptwriters, editors, sound designers, television programmers, film and advertisement producers.

Students graduated from the New Media Department are qualified to work in national and international print and audio-visual media as well as in the new media of the virtual world as journalists, reporters, columnists, editors, critics, press and media advisors, customer representatives, public opinion poll researchers, social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.) experts.

The Architecture program of Bahçeşehir University, aims to offer students an academic environment of communication, freedom and access to knowledge, providing a medium where they could acquire the equipment, experience, ability and skills to produce an architecture that is contemporary, universal and responsive to basic concerns and issues such as human requirements, construction, arts and natural /physical environment.

Bahçeşehir University’s Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department aims to educate professionals who have self-confidence, internalize universal knowledge and values, and command modern educational technologies by enriching them with international connections and the advantage of being at the center of Istanbul, a world city which has hosted a multitude of civilizations for centuries.

The industrial product design program takes an interdisciplinary approach to education by combining product development with visual communication, engineering sciences and business administration. The department aims to educate students in a wide range of fundamental tools which include research, design methods, development of innovative opinions, formation of prototypes, and computer modeling.

The Computer Engineering Department conducts various research in the field of computer sciences and engineering. Research studies focus on the branches given below:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Embedded Systems
• Information Systems.

Bahcesehir University Biomedical Engineering Department has been established to train engineers and educated them on the production and use of theoretical and practical skills as researchers and professionals with a sense of responsibility. The department focuses on science, human anatomy and physiology, basic and applied mathematics, systems modeling and analysis methods, materials, electronics, control and computer issues basic knowledge of medical products and equipment design.

Research activities in the department:
o Electrical Circuits and Devices
o Signal Processing and Communication
o Control and Automation Power Systems and Electronics
o Electromagnetic Practices and Calculation/Optical

Some the various research subjects in these four fields include: chip and FPGA design and automation, machinery viewing, microelectronic, video compression, vision repair, movement tracking, 3 dimensional graphics and television, multi antenna, broadband transmitter communication, information theory, coding, multi varied and big dimensional systems, different control, robot dynamics and control, motor condition tracking, power quality instrumentation, wave propagation and scattering, meta-materials and surface plasmon based sensors, adverse problems about biomedical visualization, detection of land mine, and elastic wave propagation. In addition to the many computer laboratories and smart classes which are available to the students of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, the department also offers training in the areas of VLSI Design, Communication, Power Electronics and Systems, Microprocessor, Electronic, Numerical Signal Processing and Circuit Theory.

Engineers who graduate from industrial engineering department take on important duties and are equipped to effectively and efficiently manage competition systems in the public or private sectors. Graduates who develop technical and managerial knowledge are able to work for either the manufacturing industry or service and public sector in the areas of product development, product design chain, project management, experimental design, computer integrated design and manufacturing, efficiency engineering, total productive maintenance, quality systems, production planning, human resources management, information management, technical support after sales, and service processes management.

The study of molecular biology and genetics provides a strong foundation for understanding all life forms, from bacteria to plants to complex vertebrate systems. Emerging technologies in personalized medicine, agriculture, and even solutions to environmental pollution have their basis in the molecular functions of cells. Molecular Biology and Genetics Department provides training in required courses in genetics, cell biology, biochemistry computational biology and programming, and offers electives for specialization in areas such as cancer genetics, population genetics, and genetic engineering. To prepare students for the demands of a profession in these fields, students are educated in the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in their area of interest through training in concepts and theories as well as hands on experience with research methods in the research lab.

Research studies on Energy Systems Engineering focus on the following fields:
*Solar Energy
*Wind Energy
*Hydrogen Energy
*Biomass Energy
*Geothermal Energy

Research studies in the fields of energy productivity, energy demand security and energy costs are also performed at the Energy Systems Engineering Department.

Civil engineering is arguably one of the oldest engineering disciplines. It deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural built environment, including buildings, roads, bridges, dams, and canals. It is a wide ranging profession, including different sub-disciplines, structural engineering, materials science, geotechnical engineering, water resources, surveying, and transportation engineering.

Engineering Management Program aims to educate students as leader engineers who are capable of accessing knowledge to shape the future at international level, and also equip them with knowledge, techniques, and approaches of Engineering Management so that they are creative, research oriented, highly concerned about professional ethics, and have an interrogative approach and an understanding of social responsibility.

Mathematics is a scientific discipline, which provides the development of scientific thinking ability and forms the basis of all positive sciences, with the well-known definition. Mathematics is used everywhere from human relations to social relations. Computer subjects such as data structures and algorithms, programming languages, databases and operating systems as well as mathematics subjects such as analysis, algebra, geometry, differential equations, number theory and topology are included together in this program. Mathematics Program meets the need for qualified manpower well-trained in the field of software. In addition to basis of a strong theoretical mathematics; it aims to educate the graduates experienced with mathematical applications and computer skills.

Mechatronics Engineering is a modern engineering discipline that integrates mechanical, electronics, control and software engineering. Mechatronics engineers focus on the design and control of a wide range of electro-mechanical devices, ranging from products encountered in daily life such as ATM’s and vending machines to complex smart machines used in manufacturing and precision robots used in surgical operations.

Research in the fields of software and information technology relate to subjects which include databases, database programming, software project management, measurement, and tests. Studies in web and game programming concentrate upon improving graphics and animation on computers, interaction between humans and computers, and designing and improving e-learning and distance learning environments. Data mining research studies include questioning data warehouses and giant databases, segmentation, clusters, and prediction of data using fuzzy logic.

Nutrition and Dietetics professionals develop nutrition plans and programs in accordance with the principles of nutrition science for the life-long health promotion for community and improving quality of life. Professionals in this field search for nutrition-related health problems, provide proper use of existing food sources, inform individuals and the society to adopt healthy lifestyles physiologically, psychologically and sociologically.

The aim of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program is to educate health professionals who can plan and implement the required physical therapy interventions and rehabilitation programs, which are developed by a physician after the diagnose, for the patient who has become disabled congenitally or later for any reason. As well as implementing physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, physiotherapists play parts in training patients to use auxiliary aids and prostheses that support limbs which have a lack of function, facilitating the activities of daily living and helping them adopt their living conditions.

The aim of the Nursing program is to educate nurses, who have knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide comprehensive nursing care for health promotion, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for individuals, family and community, in accordance with the basic health sciences knowledge and community’s health care needs.

The aim of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program is to educate health professionals who can plan and implement the required physical therapy interventions and rehabilitation programs, which are developed by a physician after the diagnose, for the patient who has become disabled congenitally or later for any reason. As well as implementing physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, physiotherapists play parts in training patients to use auxiliary aids and prostheses that support limbs which have a lack of function, facilitating the activities of daily living and helping them adopt their living conditions.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department (in English language) trains health professionals to plan and implement necessary physical therapy and rehabilitation programs for patients who are injured either congenitally or later for any reason and diagnosed and treated by a physician.

The purpose of the program is to train managers who can contribute to the science of health management, apply relevant concepts, principles, theories and models systematically in health care service in accordance with the objectives of the country’s health system.

The mission of the Artificial Intelligence Engineering Program is to train Artificial Intelligence Engineers who have professional and universal ethical values that follow and apply the developments in artificial intelligence and information technologies in order to benefit our country and all humanity.

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design, Department of Industrial Design, using and developing leading educational methodologies with interdisciplinary and innovative initiatives, aims to produce professionals who use technology to contribute to the development of society. consider the well-being and benefit of human kind and the environment following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, have a global perspective in problem solving while respecting local values, cultural differences, individual and social rights, and universal design principles.

The Department of International Trade and Business Administration is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of the international business world and be informed citizens. This knowledge will enable students to manage global business operations more efficiently, conduct business in foreign countries due to their international outlook. Students will be equipped with databases, take more responsibility on an international level, gain required talents to be successful in unfamiliar global environments, discover global market opportunities and increase their company’s globalization process.

Department of International Finance & Banking has close relationship with universities and professional institutions like. Graduated students can work in banks, intermediary institutions and financial analysis department of companies. They can also work in public institutions like Istanbul Stock Exchange, Capital Markets Board, Central Bank, Undersecretariat of Treasure and international institutions such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, OECD and World Trade Organization.

Students who apply to the pilotage department of our university and qualify to participate in the program firstly complete the English Preparatory Program successfully. They, subsequently, participate in the Pilotage Undergraduate Program which will last for 8 semesters. While the program is in progress, students are trained as aviators with knowledge of aviation and engineering-based academic courses for first three semesters. Beginning from the 4th semester, they receive their theoretical pilot trainings prepared in accordance with international standards in real and virtual classes of Bahçeşehir University supported by modern technical education opportunities. In the 4th term their first actual flights and become entitled to receive a Private Pilot License (PPL-A) before starting their fifth term. Actual flight trainings are given by our seasoned flight instructors of our partner flight school on new training aircrafts and special simulators. In the following four semesters, graduates receive flight trainings and theoretical pilot trainings in accordance with the specified stages, which become even more difficult with their increasing skills.

Bahçeşehir University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Program provides education at high standards with its three professional practice kitchens, a pastry kitchen and the gastronomy department restaurant, where students can present their skills acquired in classes to their guests, equipped with modern and state-of-the-art equipment, designed in such a way that all students can work comfortably at their personal stations. . At its BAU Culinary Arts center, it moves forward with the aim of raising young professionals who can work in all areas of the food and beverage industry.

Graduate Programs

The program aims a broad and deep understanding of the practice of instructional design, visual design, media design, interaction design, multimedia development, evaluation, and research. Graduates go on to take positions as technology coordinators or administrators, teacher leaders, instructional designers or technologists and curriculum integration specialists in this field.

The main objective of Educational Administration and Planning program at Bahçeşehir University is to enhance leadership and administrative capacities of those who work in education leadership field and those who want to pursue a career in this field. In accordance with this main objective, participants will be provided with academic staff renown in their areas in education environments with strong technological infrastructure and learning opportunities where they will integrate modern theories and practices of educational administration and leadership.

The aim of the English Language Education PhD program is to make the candidates to specialize in foreign language teacher education, to improve their research competencies in the field. This program will also contribute to raising academic members needed in the field in Turkey. Other aims of the program are to make authentic and original contribution to scientific knowledge in the different branches of English Language Teaching and provide human resources for research being conducted by existing academic members in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Moreover, having a doctoral program as well as a master program will make it easier for successful students with scientific abilities and who want to continue their research and studies in doctoral level to register in this program. It will give an opportunity to current promising, scholarship master and undergraduate students to stay in Bahcesehir University and further their studies.

Online MA program in English Language Teaching (Non-thesis) focuses on professional development of English language teachers by taking into consideration the latest developments in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT). Students are provided with a solid foundation both in theory and practice related to ELT methodology, teaching skills, second language acquisition, research, and linguistics in order to help them become more qualified teachers of English. The program offers a wide selection of elective courses and introduces major theoretical and methodological issues.

The Gifted and Talented Education Master’s Program at Bahçeşehir University is designed for individuals who are seeking knowledge and skills in curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet and address the varying needs, interests and abilities of gifted and talented learners. In this program students will gain the theory and pedagogy needed to identify and serve gifted children and the knowledge and skills required to develop and provide the most current instructional methods and services for their gifted students. Graduates of the program will be well-equipped to be an advocate for gifted students in the community and gain the tools to create programs for gifted learners. This program is ideal for teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, behavior analysts, and family members to work effectively with gifted children.

The actuarial profession is one of the leading professions in the world and finds its place in every sector that involves the evaluation and management of financial risk. The aim of the Masters program in Actuarial science is to equip the student with a sound academic background in the field, provide an understanding of the insurance business, give information about national and international best practices and current problems and solutions in the area. Lectures are run by academics as well as by qualified actuaries and other specialists. Graduates of the program, with the advantage of their developed skills, may take national or international actuarial exams and sequentially acquire the titles of trainee actuary, assistant actuary and actuary as defined in the Turkish actuarial code.

The Applied Mathematics M.Sc. program practiced by the Department of Engineering Mathematics enables the students to conduct advanced research for application in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Biology, Computer Sciences, Finance under the supervision of advisors. The Applied Mathematics M.Sc. program is designed to enable the graduates to have a successful academic career and carry out scientific research at universities. We offer two M.Sc .programs inTurkish with and without a thesis. The program with thesis includes 7 courses (with a minimum credit of 21 including compulsory courses of 9 credits), a seminar course and thesis work. The program without thesis includes 10 courses (with a minimum credit of 30 including compulsory courses of 9 credits) and a graduation project course. Graduates of four-year science programs from national and foreign universities can be admitted to our M.S. programs directly or after the completion of the "Scientific Preperation’’ program.

Graduate program in architecture intends to develop and deepen knowledge of the students in architecture to higher levels of professional competence based on Bachelor level qualifications; to give students an understanding in scholarly research; to develop ability to conduct and communicate studies individually and ability to enhance lifelong intellectual growth. Program is structured to allow flexibility to accommodate diverse needs of students coming from different architecture schools and also countries. Besides the architectural studio orienting students toward problem formulations and solutions in diverse design problems in architecture, a coherent program of lectures provides students with an awareness and ability of judgment in architecture and design issues through supervised scholarly researches. A thesis that is carefully planned and conducted by each individual student in consultation with an advisor gives the further opportunity to develop specialization on certain subjects in architecture.

Bioengineering is the application of life sciences and engineering principles to define and solve problems in biology, medicine, healthcare and other fields which are directly related to organisms. The field of bioengineering seeks to integrate quantitative and design approaches to biological systems, encompassing a range of specific disciplines from macro to nano-scales. Bioengineering has started to develop especially from the 21th century and is suggested as a keystone field for social-economic development of humanity. Nowadays, this science by combining many different fields of engineering such as thermodynamics, flow mechanics, mass-temperature transfer, bioreactor design and kinetics with a variety of biological fields like microbiology, genetics, protein chemistry and metabolism suggests promising solutions for industrial and medical problems. In general, bioengineers work on biocompatible material production which can be used as food additives, energy carriers (hydrogen, bioethanol, biogas and etc.), medicines (antibiotics, vitamins, hormones and etc.) and biochemicals (protein and amino acids, organic acids, pesticides and a variety of polimers).

The M.S in Computer Engineering Program is designed to prepare students to have a successful career in industry and academia through their experience and knowledge in new technologies in existing and emerging areas of the computer engineering and computer science disciplines. Program also encourages graduates to demonstrate professionalism and a sense of societal and ethical responsibility in all their endeavors.

In the World and also in Turkey, the construction sector is evolving into a complex structure in terms of administrative and technical engineering owing to major construction projects. Therefore, needs of highly trained personnel who has endowed with technical details of the construction engineering and management skills is increasing every day. To resolve the staff needs of fast-growing construction sector, The Construction Management Master program of Bahçeşehir University graduates specialized individuals in the areas of economic management of the construction projects, project management, building site management and site security.

The aim of the Master of Science Program in Cyber Security is to educate qualified cyber security experts as desired by both public and private sectors. With this program, students will obtain the opportunity to gain proficiency and competence in fields such as Network Security, Cryptography, Malware Analysis, Penetration Tests, Web Application Security, Secure Software Development, Computer Forensics, Information Security Management, Cyber Security Law and Data Protection Law.

The mission of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Masters Program is to prepare its graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to follow advancements in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and to be able to perform novel and cutting-edge research. The program aims to graduate individuals who are able to provide solutions to societal challenges, are committed to life-long learning, are conscious of professional and ethical responsibilities and are creative entrepreneurs with leadership qualities; and help facilitate industry-university collaborations.

The aim of the program is to educate candidates on sustainable energy and environmental management issues and to transfer knowledge within this concept. Students enrolled to the program will graduate from the program with expertise and ability to be able to assess the environmental problems occurring during the energy generation by a multidimensional and interdisciplinary point of view on a sustainable solutions basis. Meantime, studies on the water, soil and air pollution that would occur during energy generation and management and increasing the availability and establishment of newer systems are of the aims of the program.

Energy Systems Engineering is a discipline which specializes on the application of engineering fundamentals and techniques into the field of energy. Energy Systems Engineering deals with conventional energy resources such as hydro, natural gas, petroleum, coal and nuclear as well as new and renewable energy resources such as wind, geothermal, biomass/biogas, solar and hydrogen energies. Energy Systems Engineers work on not only basic energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption processes but also the energy markets in general, thereby covering every single aspect of energy concept.

The M.S. in Engineering Management program aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage engineering projects in an efficient and effective manner. The program focuses on not only the solutions to general managerial problems but also impart specialized knowledge to solve engineering and technology problems using various methodologies. The participants will gain competency in leadership, planning, creativity and decision making that are necessary for managerial positions in various types of organizations.

The mission of the Master of Industrial Engineering Program is to provide the students with required academic qualifications in order to solve the problems of production and service businesses effectively and productively by way of contemporary methods such as mathematical modeling, system designing, management planning, and technology and information management. The aim of the program is to educate students as highly qualified industrial engineers, who have the ability to deal with industrial problems creatively at conceptual, developmental, and analysis levels as well as self-sufficient academicians who are ready to pursue higher academic degrees.

Information Technologies Master of Science Program teaches how to design and implement basic researches, applied researches and developments in Information Technologies (IT) discipline and helps participants to develop their skills on these issues. For this purpose, students can take courses in Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Network and System Management, Software Technologies and Computer Instructional Technologies fields of expertise and continue their researches. Information Technologies Master of Sciences Program aims to provide an infrastructure for students about hardware, software development and computer networks with fundamental courses that teach basic IT infrastructure, to provide specialization for students with courses related to each area of expertise which are supported with applications up to date, to provide students to do academic research in the scope of their master’s thesis and to contribute to their professional carriers and to their businesses by finding opportunities to discuss industrial problems faced during their thesis process. The target group of this program is people who work or want to work in IT departments. The IT Master of Science Program is configured to address people who has a particular level of IT infrastructure with advanced level courses and also it can be configured to people who has no IT infrastructure as well.

Graduate Program of Interior Design of Bahcesehir University offers the Degree of Master in Interior Design. Two-year program prepares students to their individual research and thesis with mandatory courses focusing on scientific research methods, analysis of data, criticism and discussions; and with elective courses that nourishes related specialization areas. Specialization areas in this program are; environmental psychology, design theories and methods, building science, and history, theory and criticism.

The M.S. program in Mechatronics Engineering at Bahcesehir University aims to equip students with modern skills so that they can perform their profession competently at international level. Specialization in the mechatronics applications of robotics, production, automation, energy, automotive and electronics is possible through program.

The Sound Technologies Department is a two year graduate program which focuses on recent trends and techniques of sound engineering, sound processing applications, music production, sound for film and visual media, post-production and electronic / electro-acoustic music studies. The program also offers a module specialized in jazz performance and composition.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management graduate program is designed to develop professionals who are equipped with adequate knowledge, necessary skills, and contemporary practices of the supply chain management.

Objective of Urban Systems and Transportation Master Program is giving information and expertise about urban and transportation systems to related bachelor degree students. This program presents creative and innovative ideas about transportation and planning systems to individuals that want to career development and helps enhancing of activity of individuals in their jobs. Program contains necessary informations for solving the problems about general engineering and planning issues in terms of multi-disciplinary approaches too. Attendees of the program gains organization-planning-decision making-management abilities that are necessary for administrator and planner positions in public and private sector.

The aim of the Management of Health Institutions Master’s Program is to educate managers who are specialized in the management of health institutions, who adopt innovative approaches, follow health policies in Turkey and in the world, and reflect ethical principles on practice.

The goal of Neuroscience Program is to constitute a productive environment, supported by many specialized lectures and laboratory actions. In the first year, students will attend molecular neuroscience, neurobiology, neurological disorders, computational neuroscience and neuroanatomy courses. In the second year of the program, students will attend to wide range of laboratory sections in order to improve their laboratory and technical skills. In following years, students have to complete their thesis study with their supervisors.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master’s program covers overall assessment methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, neurological rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, preventive rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, rheumatologic rehabilitation, use of orthesis in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, ergonomic principles, orthopedic rehabilitation and exercise therapy training.

The aims of the Department of Accounting and International Reporting program are to train individuals who have good command of techniques and applications regarding accounting and finance management, independent auditing, accounting/financial reporting standards, internal control and auditing, corporate governance, business and accounting ethics; who are equipped with analytical thinking, problem- solving, and decision-making skills, and who are equipped with “innovative” skills in theoretical, analytical, and occupational levels.

Program aims to educate actors who can satisfy the expectations of theater, television and cinema sectors and develop the acting skills of students by providing them the theoretical background, culture and education.

This program aims to provide sudents detailed knowledge about advertising theory, research, brand management and creative strategies.

The program which concentrates primarily on the issues of capital markets and stock exchange, is the first MBA program in Turkey which focuses to train students with a totally capital markets oriented approach. Launched in 1999, the program is known to have educated many of the experts and managers of the leading firms in this sector. Still receiving an intensive demand, this specialization program prepares the students for the Capital Markets Board Licensing Examination success in which is a prerequisite to work in capital markets, and at the same time aims at training managers equipped with contemporary trends and knowledge in finance.

The main goal of program is to educate students according to the scientist-practitioner model. In this model, clinical psychology students will have an opportunity to learn necessary research skills that will enable them to apply for Ph.D programs or to be an academician in the future as well as clinical practice skills to be able to work in the clinical area. The program offers different courses in the areas of psychopathology, psychotherapy, research methods and assessment.

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (ENI) is designed to develop and inspire creative individuals with an interest in starting or developing innovative ventures that have the potential to make significant impact on industries, economies and communities. The program offers students the knowledge and the skills to assess and implement new ideas, to create and manage new ventures, develop entrepreneurial management practices and create supportive environments that foster and enable innovation. The program provides professional capabilities not only to potential entrepreneurs, but also to “entrepreneurial professionals” and managers with an entrepreneurial outlook who wish to stay within an organization and practice entrepreneurship by generating new ventures under the corporate umbrella.

Bahcesehir University’s Executive MBA Program reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management topics. A unique aspect of the Bahçeşehir Executive MBA program is the collective professional experience of its participants, which greatly enriches the educational environment. The program uses a pragmatic and result-oriented philosophy. Participants work on projects and assignments related to general management, building on the knowledge and skills learned in the formal courses. This gives them the capability to develop creative, applicable solutions to a specific organization and to learn how to immediately apply recently acquired knowledge and skills.

The Film and Television program at Bahcesehir University aims to provide the students the theoretical background, culture, education and skills for creating and analyzing fiction and non-fiction audio-visual products which can be featured in cinema and television media.

The program intends to give a vision to the candidates which would enable them to broadly analyze the economic and financial issues they would come across. The candidates are expected to be employed in financial institutions as chief economists and market analysts. They may also be employed in research departments of banks, brokerage houses and other similar financial intermediaries.

The Master of Global Affairs (MGA) provides an outstanding professional, multidisciplinary education to train the next generation of global leaders of international institutions, global civil society, and business. The MGA will equip students with a sophisticated understanding of the larger political, economic, and social contexts of global affairs and with the skills necessary to work strategically and effectively within the evolving global system. The MGA will integrate the study of global institutions, global civil society, and the global economy and markets into the same program, and requires that students learn about each area—and about the inter-connections between them. In offering a curriculum that provides both breadth and depth, the MGA draws on the scholarly strength of faculty from a range of disciplines and subject areas.

Programe is structured to give the studens a broad and far-reaching grasp of the most important concepts in management with an international perspective, but it also offers the flexibility to tailor the courses to student's needs.

The aim of program is to analyze correctly international politics and the global system, approach the critical international issues, accumulation of knowledge and skills with benefit from other social sciences perspective.

This program introduces students the concepts and the practices essential to human resources management. Human Resources Management Program also provides an opportunity to study and discuss current issues and areas of specialization important to the human resource function in business and industry today.

IT graduate program provides a high quality educational opportunity with its dynamic and modular structure to those new graduates with an undergraduate degree on any area and those who yet work in IT related fields but want to gain an added value with an academically strengthened specialization. The program provides curriculum modules on five different IT related specialization areas; Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Networks and System Administration, Software Technologies and Computer based Education Technologies, to those coming from different backgrounds so that the students could have the opportunity to combine academic formation with various contemporary technological developments such as software, project, product development, IT management, IT hardware and software support, network management, business intelligence, distance learning and e-learning.

With the increasing effect of consumer behavior in a highly competitive and global business structure, marketing is one of the key points affecting any company’s strategic decisions from production and pricing to distribution and sales operations. In that respect, Bahcesehir University MA in Marketing program aims to help individuals who aspire to work in marketing related jobs to develop themselves in different areas of marketing.

This master program aims to provide students with advanced knowledge about public relations and marketing communications theories and practices, also with an emphasis on advanced social research techniques and real case study approach.

As a result, successful organizations in the sports industry are increasingly looking for leaders to have specialized training at the graduate level. The Program aims to educate graduates who will specialize in sports industry and sports management. The main goal of the program is providing high educated graduates with a specialization area of which is a new and developing industry in Turkey.

Doctoral Programs

Ph.D. Programs in Educational Technology, designed with a transdisciplinary approach, aim to raise experts who support and develop learning with innovative methods by researching information, skills and qualifications in different areas within the context of real learning problems. The scope of program covers facilitating learning and supporting academic performance within the context of formal/informal/lifelong learning and planning, designing, application, evaluation and management of appropriate processes and products with a focus on research and development.

Bahcesehir University English Language Education Ph.D. Program aims to ensure that doctoral candidates master in foreign language teacher education and gain research skills contributing to that field. In this program, a good balance of theory and practice exists. Graduates of the program can be involved in pre-service and in-service teacher education programs or become an academic member in relevant departments at universities. Throughout the program, the students study the theories about language teaching and teacher education, its practice in the classroom and most particularly on reflective teaching and learning.

Computer engineering Ph.D. program aims at graduating:
1) Productive and innovative researchers who closely follow new technologies needed by the industry and scientifically contribute to their related technical fields,
2) University professors needed by Turkey, and
3) Professionals who are expert on the analysis, planning and management of large-scale information systems.

The aim of this program is to train engineers who can analyze and solve electrical and electronics engineering problems and design innovative solutions by applying basic principles of engineering; have self-confidence to take initiative and responsibility and are conscious of ethical, societal and environmental issues; who are conscious about the importance of continuing their professional development and have effective communication skills.

This program aims at exploring and generating the conceptual foundations of the built environment as a form of cultural production; production of academic research and knowledge in the field of history, theory and criticism of design with an inter-disciplinary approach and to contribute to the education of academic staff in the related field. - To explore and generate the conceptual foundations of the built environment as a form of cultural production - To explore the changing and evolving nature of the fields of design history, theory and criticism - Making use of the knowledge and progress in various disciplines encouraging the researches and inventions in methodology; transferring the knowledge of diverse fields to the contemporary design discourse and praxis - To foster advanced researches and original contributions in architecture and design - To contribute to the education and cultivation of academic staff in the field of design history, theory and criticism.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program in IE is designed to provide the students with comprehensive knowledge and scholarly work, specifically in service and production systems, at the highest level. Ph.D. students have the opportunity to pursue work in diverse areas including logistics, supply chain management, health care systems, energy systems, and production and service operations. Students are motivated by the challenge of tackling important real-world problems existing in numerous settings in business and industry.

Management Engineering program is predominantly designed to provide skills to participants for exploring and explaining the problems and obstacles that arise while applying the managerial functions to the environments where engineering and technical tasks are applied. Moreover, participants are expected to show skills and ability to come up with solutions and methods that could be applied to specific problems.

The Mathematics Ph.D. program practiced by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science enables the students to conduct advanced research for application in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Biology, Computer Sciences under the supervision of advisors. The Applied Mathematics M.Sc. program is designed to enable the graduates to have a successful academic career and carry out scientific research.

The target of the neuroscience program is to educate well equipped neuroscientist in terms of theoretical, computational and experimental background. Most importantly, students will be trained in how to think, and how to develop new scientific approaches and methodologies to solve the complex puzzle of the brain which requires creativity and originality.

The PhD Program in Economics and Finance aims at educating researchers who will conduct independent research and broaden the frontiers of knowledge in the field of economics and finance. The program equips its graduates with a broad knowledge in economic and financial theory and contemporary techniques required to analyze both economic and financial data. The focus of the program is on creativity and independent research.

Business Administration program is designed to offer an education that meets the needs of problems in business world and other social structures-both in Turkey and the international arena. In this program, students from different field of study are given the opportunity to perform interdisciplinary works and research through compulsory and elective courses.

The public law PhD program is designed for the successful students who are willing to make independent research, and develop a new point of view to the public law issues. The objective of the program is to educate public law experts who follow national and international actual subjects, and can analyze them with her theoretical and practical knowledge.

The private law PhD program is designed for the successful students who are willing to make independent research, and develop a new point of view to the private law issues. The objective of the program is to educate private law experts who follow national and international actual subjects, and can analyze them with her theoretical and practical knowledge.

The main purpose of this program is to raise communication scholars who can provide constructive solutions to the industry and to the advertising and public relations education.

The program is concerned with the study of culture, media and cinema through an interdisciplinary approach. The objective of the program is to strengthen the academic and institutional research within cultural studies, media and cinema research in Turkey as well as to develop scientific principles in these areas of study.

The aim of program is to correctly analyze political science and international relations, become knowledgeable about and approach critical international issues, accumulation of skills in a specific area of expertise with benefit from other social sciences perspective.