Bay Atlantic University

Undergraduate Programs

The program is intended to prepare career focused students with comprehensive knowledge of business principles. Students receive a comprehensive business education as they learn the key content areas of management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and law; this includes exposure to how technology, ethical decision-making and other business elements are transforming workplaces locally and globally.

Bay Atlantic University is committed to providing a strong undergraduate program in Economics and Finance that teaches students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. In addition, the program is designed to produce well-rounded global citizens who can function effectively and ethically in society.

This program is designed to give our students strong theoretical foundations in Political Science and International Relations in combination with real world insights provided by our unique Faculty of “Scholars Practitioners” who provide the needed links between theory and the empirical world of “field experience”.

The BS program in Data Science integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and data-based business management to extract knowledge from data and drive decision making. Graduates are prepared to meet the challenges at the intersection between big data, business analytics, and other emerging fields.

The mission of this program is to prepare community and information technology leaders through innovative, high-quality program, initiatives and services directed to the needs of learners and employers. The program purpose is to educate, mentor, train and develop students that can manage and supervise using effective communication skills, knowledge of evolving technologies, efficient project planning and implementation techniques.

Graduate Programs

Bay Atlantic University’s Master of Business Administration program provides the opportunity for students to further their education by improving their professional management, leadership, and analytical skills, thus enhancing their career and earning potential. The program is intended to prepare career focused students with comprehensive knowledge of business principles.

The program is designed to meet the increasing need for highly skilled data analysts who can analyze the growing amount of data confronting in a variety of disciplines and transform it into usable information for use in decision-making. The program delivers rigorous training in computational techniques and provides mastery of data analysis. Students can expect to play a greater role in decision making and strategy setting for their current or future organizations, adding significant value.

Bay Atlantic University’s MS Cyber Security program teaches students to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and information systems that support modern organizations. The program focuses on both the fundamentals of information systems as well as advanced topics in areas such as network security, cryptography, risk management, security governance, business continuity, security architecture, physical security and critical infrastructures.