Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

The Bachelor program in Interior Design at Berlin International – University of Applied Sciences provides comprehensive skills in the field of interior design. Students will gain professional experience with Interior Design Study Program. This Bachelor Program in Interior Design at Berlin International – University of Applied Sciences is unique in Berlin, since it is the only such program offered in the city and surrounding state of Brandenburg.

In this program, students will learn everything about the challenges on the job market for professional designers. The custom-tailored program will give students the necessary tools and a deep understanding of the challenges and possibilities in the future of product design, allowing students to stay competitive on the market.

In hands-on project, students will experience the entire workflow from finding ideas to technical implementation. Students design apps, animations, posters, books, magazines, brand identities and more. Practical approach prepares students to develop their creative personality and become a professional designer.

The program Business Administration / Organisational Psychology focuses on the main aspects of business administration with the added focus on organizational and business psychology. This will equip you with a solid foundation in the main business administration branches, e.g. management and marketing, as well as a detailed understanding of how people and groups behave at work, what motivates them, and the best recruitment and selection practices.

Businesswomen and men can be found anywhere in the world in any kind of organization. As a graduate with a BA degree in Business Administration and International Management & Marketing, students will be able to manage local to international people, organize small to huge projects and be a part of start-ups as well as multinational corporations.

Much change is necessary in companies with existing business models, new career opportunities are currently generated in start-ups, small to medium-sized marketing agencies as well as multinational corporations. As a Business Specialist in the digital field, students will work on changing strategies, marketing, customer relationships, and students will assist in the development of new business models.

Architecture program aims to provide students with the skills and specialized knowledge necessary to apply creative and responsible solutions in the field of architecture. The program assists students in understanding their role and responsibility as architects in any given physical and cultural context, whether that be local or international.