Foreign Trade University

Undergraduate Programs

This program is designed specifically for students who are interested in accounting, auditing and finance. The program will be taught directly by professors, doctors and lecturers with deeply experiences in financial and accounting practices for business. The program also provides the latest syllabus referred from high-ranking universities in the world, as well as cover aspects of the syllabus for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) professional qualifications, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

This program provides students with: Thorough knowledge of Chinese language so that students will be proficient in Chinese to work in enterprises, representative offices, and foreign-invested enterprises (by China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc.)

- Provide students with basic language knowledge and the ability to use French language in related fields of business, within companies and/or representative offices as well as foreign-invested enterprises from the French Union;
- Equip students with knowledge in specific areas of economy and business, and the ability to carry out team-work in order to adapt themselves to the business
- Provide students with cultural, social, and political knowledge as well as the French Union country members’ customs and manners.

This program provides students with in depth knowledge about commerce as well applied IT skills necessary to organize and manage electronic-commerce activities, to set up IT investment strategies, to create information systems and e-commerce application software, and to manage information system in enterprises.

This program covers different aspects of international trade such as international trade transactions, negotiation in international trade, logistics and insurance in international trade, international payment, and issues in international relations and international integration… The program integrates the training of professional knowledge and foreign language skills (English, French, Chinese, Japanese or Russian)

The program puts together practical hands on experience with academic expertise in Economics and International Trade. Students will be equipped with knowledge in business economics with a wide range of international trade practices: international banking, international trade payment mechanisms, importing and exporting methods.

The program is designed for students to pursue careers in tourism and hospitality management. Students will be equipped with knowledge and skills so as to deal with matters including: business strategy planning, market selection, operation management, marketing, financial management, human resource management… in hotel and tourism enterprises.

The first and second years of the program will enable students to develop valuable practical skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, and interpretation in English. The third and fourth years focus on developing professional skills and knowledge of business, finance, marketing, economics, communication, management, problem solving and team work.

The program provides students with thorough and professional knowledge on Japanese as well as commerce and economics, international commercial transaction, logistics and transportation, international trade finance, and issues relating to international trade relation. The program provides them with understanding about Japanese culture, society, economy, and customs.

Students will learn about the use of software and sources of information in investment and risk management. This program meets the training standards and requirements set down by the State Securities Commissions of Vietnam..

This program enables students to study the latest school of thoughts in international business administration, to develop valuable practical skills in accounting, finance, statistical analysis, marketing, leadership, and strategic management. Students will also have an excellent opportunity and environment to build up professional skills such as communication, problem solving, team work, and time management.

Students will study a broad selection of law subjects. The LLB curriculum allows and encourages students to make connections between the discipline of law and the areas of international trade and policies, legal theories, trade remedies, trade facilitation, international trade finance and dispute settlement. The program also provides students with opportunities to participate in practical activities carry out research and have internships at law firms. Lecturers of the Faculty of Law are committed to a set of values which guide their teaching and research, as well as their relationships with students. These values are summarized as Professionalism; Integrity and Innovation.

The program covers the core areas of open macroeconomics, international finance and payment, foreign exchange trading, capital markets, corporate financial policies, corporate finance, and financial accounting; gives a global perspective on investment markets and asset classes; provides practical and theoretical knowledge on the processes and mechanism underlying investment; and builds students’ numerical skills so that they are able to understand and practice investment-related mathematics.

Graduate Programs

This program is designed by standards of internationally recognized academic and professional programs. Students are prepared for/waived some subjects for ACCA, CIB and CFA certificates after graduation.

Training professionals that are knowledgeable and skillful in practicing international trade; who are able to do research, discover, and explain issues relating to international trade; and whose English is proficient enough for research and international trade activities; enhancing, upgrading, and updating professional knowledge on international trade.