Mentora College,Washington D.C.


Mentora offers ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for beginner, intermediate, and proficiency level students in core ESL curriculum. Students in this program will study English with a focus on all four skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking - and they will acquire the necessary vocabulary and grammar to move up each level successfully. Classes are designed to simulate a real-world environment and as often as possible are based on authentic material such as radio broadcasts, films, documentaries, newspaper articles, guest lecturers, and educational field trips.

Mentora College offers a youth programs for young students and teens between the ages of 10 and 17. This program is designed to instill curiosity and respect for language learning, foster compassion and leadership, and spark an interest in the discovery of new cultures. The goal is for students to develop competency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking while building confidence and gaining experiences in personal growth. Through this program, students will become familiar with the American culture as they learn the English language.

Programs are structured to accelerate learning with an optimal use of time in the class. These programs help students significantly improve their English skills and fully prepare students for university study in the USA.

Using English in one’s career is growing in importance during the age of globalization. Professionals working in all organizations, from small local companies to large multinationals and from government agencies to legal firms, must learn to communicate across borders and within a diverse community. This means that the ability to communicate well in English is essential to one’s career success. Mentora’s Certificate Program offers courses aimed at giving students the language skills needed to function in their specific career.

Mentora College offers a full range of private courses to give you the attention you need. These courses are designed around your schedule so you can study during the times that are convenient for you. We cater to both professionals and students who need to improve their skills. Students are charged by the hour for all private ESL courses, and we require a minimum purchase of 10 hours to begin. Test preparation requires a minimum of 4 hours.