STEM Materials

Especially in the application of STEM, quality educational material usage is paramount. Hence, books and STEM Lab materials for all age levels have been developed, allowing students to collect and analyze data whenever and wherever their curiosity takes them. The earlySTEM and STEM+A programs interpret the cognitive process methods of the STEM: Integrated Teaching Framework under different themes. Each theme centers on a different STEM discipline and authentic interdisciplinary problem. Various resources are offered to teachers and students including program books and its accompanying website for teachers that include lesson plans and rubrics for teachers, activity books for students, story books and iBooks for students, Augmented Reality animations in iOS / Android and e-portfolio integrated assessment. The perspective from giftedSTEM to STEM4ALL allows the design and dissemination of different STEM materials such as the HYDRO-Arm and LabStar (with InTeachLab app) with combined efforts by academics, teachers and students. STEM+A Biennale allows students to be a part of contemporary art, use different materials, techniques and STEM disciplines to create and share their artistic designs.